"We had the pleasure of having Ryan be a Shriekfest screenplay judge and his notes and comments were dead on! "

- Denise Gossett, Festival Director - Shriekfest Horror Film Festival

yan Gilmore demonstrates an unparalleled expertise in horror and a keen understanding of the screenwriting craft.  His notes will make you a better writer."  


- Charlotte Winters, award-winning screenwriter and playwright, writer-director, Two-Time Nicholl's Fellowship Quarter-finalist, UCLA MFA Screenwriting Program Graduate


"The first time I heard one of Ryan Gilmore's horror screenplays performed in a writers' workshop table read, I got chills down my spine and feared having nightmares- just from the words on the page coming to life in the sounds of the voices reading them. I knew at that moment that if I ever needed not only writing advice in a general sense, but more specifically, advice on how to make a scene scarier or had an itch to try my hand at horror scriptwriting as a genre, Ryan would be the person I'd seek for such counsel. Having had the benefit of learning from Ryan as a peer in the UCLA Professional Screenwriting Program, and later as a colleague in the UCLA Masters Screenwriting Program, I've always appreciated the opportunity to hear his constructive feedback, candid notes, and most importantly, how he engaged me as a writer to see the true value of the script I had written by clearing the cobwebs that stifled many an early draft that we developed in workshops together. While a finished film is entirely collaborative, writing a first draft of a screenplay, at least for me, is a very personal and internal process and one that can be difficult to share with just anyone in its early stages. When I was a new screenwriting student years ago, Ryan was someone who I trusted from the onset - and whose opinion I continue to seek as a professional before sending my work out for review by the cut-throat buying market of Hollywood."

- Kathy Cabrera, Independent Writer & Producer, Screenwriting Instructor - Atlanta Film Festival 365, UCLA MFA Screenwriting Program Graduate 2008


"Ryan is a horror nut, who also happens to be an excellent writer and script reader. He's able to merge these talents to provide feedback and direction that you just can't get from people who don't live and breathe horror."

- Dan Siger, UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting Graduate


"Ryan Gilmore is the Freddie Krueger of horror script analysis. He sees a story's deepest problems and worst fears, then, beat by beat, uses his razor-sharp script claws to vivisect character, structure and theme, revealing their subcutaneous connections. But instead of slicing your darlings into bloody meat cubes, Ryan uses his powers to bring your script to the next level, to help it live and breathe, to be the best it can be.

Ryan is consistently the most helpful, insightful and encouraging script analyst with whom I've worked. Not only on my own work, but on other writers'. I've seen Ryan neatly encapsulate pesky loose ends and story problems and boil them down to essential fixes that helped make the difference between a jumbled mess and a tight, compelling read. His knowledge of cinema and screenwriting craft make him an ace script analyst in any genre, and especially in his first love, Horror. Highly recommend."

- Stephen Wolf, screenwriter and playwright, Nicholl's Fellowship Semi-finalist, UCLA MFA Screenwriting Degree Candidate


"Ryan Gilmore is one of the most dynamic, cutting edge horror screenwriters I've ever read. His stuff ain't for the faint of heart or for those with weak knees. The man's a bloodthirsty storyteller intent on shredding your mind. Bar the doors and keep the lights on."

- Steve Cuden, Creator of "Jekyll & Hyde, The Musical," Director of the cult horror classic, "Lucky," and writer of dozens of shows for TV animation including "The Batman," "X-Men," "Extreme Ghostbusters," and "Gargoyles."


"Ryan Gilmore gives very in depth notes and breaks down your script in a very concise way. In addition to helping structure and strengthen your movie, he offers suggestions on where the story could go which allows you to envision the best possible course for your characters...also he's pretty funny."

-Jeff Ashkin, writer, director, actor, and producer


"Ryan is an encyclopedia of horror and consummate storyteller. Whenever I have a story structure problem, weak conflict, or simply too many ideas, Ryan always gets me back on track. Besides, he's a hell of a nice guy!"

 - Paul Bertino, winner of 2011 UCLA Screenwriters Showcase, finalist in 2011 Astana International Action Film Festival Screenwriting Competition


"Ryan has a greater command on the horror genre than any writer I know, and any other writer that knows Ryan would say the same thing.  They'd also tell you that Ryan's an invaluable source for script feedback and story help.  I consider myself lucky to be a part of his writing circle and will forever be baffled as to how such a good-natured guy can come up with such horrifyingly twisted stories."


-JJ Nelson, Samuel Goldwyn Writing Award Winner, UCLA MFA Screenwriting Graduate